Leading By Being Real

How well do you know you?

Think about and ask yourself the following questions, “Do I know who I am? Do I know who I am in Christ? Do I know who God is? Do I know how God leads me?”

I mention these because they are so key in understanding who you are spiritually and how God desires you to lead others.

Just think of the apostle Paul. If anybody saw himself clearly it was Paul.

Just read the following passages to see how well Paul knew himself.

Romans 7:14-25 and Philippians 3:1-8, 14

In these passage Paul shows a keen self-awareness, but also discernment about Christ and Christianity.

In Philippians 3, Paul wrote about certain things he knew he trusted in as a person.

Do a personal “Trust Inventory.What did I used to trust in? What do I rightly trust in now? What do I have a tendency to wrongfully trust in?

If we know ourselves and our God, God can use us to lead others as we honestly share and are real about struggles, weaknesses, and even strengths we see in ourselves.

People today are looking for leaders who are real and honest. They have seen enough fake leaders and “ivory tower” leaders.

We are not perfect people. We are just imperfect people who follow the perfect God!


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