Better Together

Have you ever been there? Run down by life? Feeling alone? Beat up and wondering why to keep going?

When I played football, I liked to play and was pretty good. I played linebacker on defense and enjoyed it. I even lead the team in tackles my senior year. But without the other 10 players, I was nothing.

Someone once asked a college football coach if he played his 11 best players. His reply was priceless. He said, “I don’t play my 11 best players. I play the 11 who play best together.” If you’ve ever played sports, you know exactly what he’s talking about and you know the idea behind teamwork.

Find out and live out what 2 Samuel 10:9-11 says about teamwork.

I read it awhile back and it got me to thinking. In this thing called life we need someone, a good friend, who will “fight” right alongside us. We need Christian friends who will fight for us and not with us.

With all that in mind here are 4 steps we can take to lock arms, team up, and help each other out.

  1. Build honest and open communication lines
  2. Commit to your friends (being there for and helping them out when they struggle)
  3. Communicate when you need help (this might be the hardest one of all, but God puts other Christians in our lives to help us and make us stronger)
  4. Be there when your friend needs help.

Sometimes life beats you up. Sometimes temptation and the devil start to get the upper hand. Sometimes, if we’re honest, doubt sticks its ugly head up in our lives. We’ve prayed, we’ve tried harder, but nothing seems to work. What’s a person to do?

One thing we could do is lean on each other for help and spiritual support. We can and should do better about caring for each other and helping each other out.

So fight for someone. Help them out. You, your friend, your church, and your community will be better and stronger faith-wise for it.


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