Small Start, Big Finish

Chew on this…a tiny baby came into the world to complete God’s plan for the biggest rescue mission covering the largest time span with the most expansive reach of any rescue effort. The biggest, longest, largest rescue mission ever! From a tiny baby to a perfect sacrifice, Jesus made the biggest impact of anyone in the history of the world!

No hype, just hope…this hope started with humility…the hope for every human heart, the hope for the downtrodden & the outcast, the hope for the whole world.

Think about Jesus this Christmas…think about what he means to you and your eternity…and what he means to your loved ones…and to the whole world.

Whenever you wonder whether God can use a single, solitary life, just remember Jesus!

If you believe in Jesus, then it only makes sense to live your life by faith in him for him. Every day. In Every way.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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